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Meet the Twelve Ascendants

ARIES : "I am born to lead, a pioneer of the unique, inclined to reckless actions, foolish and naive, bold, fearless, direct, passionate and physical. I am a free sincere spirit, generous to the extreme. Luck follows me. I live for the here and now. I rely on my instincts and intuition. I am lucky with inheritance. My love is fiery. I have few friends and a sexually passionate and beautiful spouse. My face and speech is beautiful. I am curious to know things but fickle with my interests. I put effort into life and am quick to achieve. I am fond of mother and home. I love to create drama and to entertain. Don't try to stop me, for I will rebel. As I grow older I become ambitious and am capable of much achievement over a long time."

TAURUS : "I seek pleasure, wealth, luxury and the finer things in life. I have sensuous tastes in life and work hard to create beauty. I am slow in temper and stubborn as an ox. I am stable and possessive of things I value. I like to overindulge. I love money. I am lighthearted about family values. I am emotional in speaking. I find it hard to settle down. I am a perfectionist in love, and engage in secret, exciting, sexual relationships that transform me in radical ways. I seek a spiritual partner to achieve mystical union with another. I am a gift giver and also like to receive. My philosophy is success. I hold a unique status in the world. I am lucky in my career and ever generous with my friends and acquaintances."

GEMINI : "I am a gifted communicator, always full of ideas, lighthearted, superficial, witty, openminded and inquisitive. I enjoy playing games. I am emotional about family matters. Money seems to come in and out always. I am confident in my movements and pride myself on my interesting nature. I fall in love with love and am amorous in bed. I am faithful in marriage. My partner strengthens my success and reputation. I know how to keep secrets. I am quick to make friends but have many secret and powerful foes. "

CANCER : "I am guided by intuition and feelings. I am emotional and reserved and like to be in safe surroundings. I am mothering and need others to need me. I am proud of my family and my domestic skills. I seek perfection in daily chores. I am always wishing for happiness and love to have a beautiful home. I have secret loves and secret plans. I like stable, materially resourceful partners. I am easily moved by religion and faith. I am quick to achieve in profession but prefer my home. I aspire for comforts in life and enjoy travel. "

LEO : "I want to shine. I am aware of my own power. I have a free, creative mind and seek beauty and creativity in career. My ambitions are forever changing. I am private and secretive about my feelings. I carry alot of burden and responsibilities in life and have to work hard to achieve. I seek liberated and unusual partners, but like a structured family life. I am naturally intuitive and psychic and quick to philosophize. I seek nourishment and nurturing and escape into my own world to nourish myself."

VIRGO : "I seek order and perfection. I am hardworking, modest, good at arranging, fastidious, practical, naive, health conscious, fragile and critical to a fault. I need routine. I change profession often. I believe in balanced diet, family life, achieving material security. I am happy natured and enjoy a dreamy inspirational partner. I am a realist about love, and have my own unique way of working. I enjoy unusual healing methods. I am quick to pick up on the thoughts of others and interested in mystery and occult. I value my friends and pride myself on my bed prowess and spiritual awareness."

LIBRA : "I seek harmony and beauty in the world. I am diplomatic, social, pleasing to others. I value marriage and partnership. I have a turbulent family life, impulsive relationships and make money secretly. I am openminded and interested in everybody's point of view. I seek stability in my home. I am attracted to the unusual. I am a dreamer in daily life, and am emotionally attached to my job. I take pride in my friends and like to be of service to others."

SCORPIO : "I am mysterious, troubled, secretive and a psychological expert. I am interested in sex and occult. I am dramatic with my emotions. My life undergoes turbulent transformations. I am carefree about money matters and persevering in my interests. I have an unusual home life. I am deeply romantic, creative and energetic but find it hard to maintain discipline. I seek comfortable, luxury loving and sensuous partners. I enjoy research. My attitude is one of caring. I take pride in my worldly status. I am choosy about friendships and seek beauty in my spiritual life."

SAGGITARIUS : "I am openminded, carefree, adventurous, strong spirited, moral and philosophical. I am attached to my mother, have an expansive heart and home. I am frugal with money and earn slowly. I have unusual interests and fall in and out of love quickly. I am lighthearted about marriage but attached to my possessions. I am proud of my philosophy, work hard in career, and attract beautiful and creative minded friends. I enjoy socializing and a secret sex life."

CAPRICORN : "I am persevering, ambitious, I aim to succeed. I am materialistic, tenacious, a realist who is bent on getting results. I seek to reach the heights in this world. I am peculiar about finances and get money through unusual means. I am a dreamer, quick to take up new residence, a lover of luxury and beautiful people. I am a perfectionist in religious matters, a jack of all trades, emotionally attached to partner. I receive gifts from rich and powerful people. Perfection is my philosophy. I want to do some great service. I have secret and turbulent friendships and am free with my sexuality."

AQUARIUS : "I stand out in the crowd. I am eccentric, unusual, a mystic, a servant of humanity. I am rich in knowledge, acquire money easily, quick in my movements. I have a stable home and heart. I am mentally clever and careful about my work. I admire my partner. I am skilful with the occult. Achieving harmony is my philosophy. I am a rebel in society, have free thinking associates and work hard for spiritual realization. "

PISCES : "I am the dreamer, compassionate, artistic and inspirational. I am driven to tears easily. I love history. I am objective and full of understanding. Money passes quickly through my hands. I am interested in wealth, luxury, move residence often. I am emotional about love. I am proud of my daily work and seek fastidious and practical partners. I desire harmony in my secret life. My philosophical growth is turbulent. I look beyond the surface for truth. I am adventurous in career, ambitious about friendships, and a true mystic on the spiritual path. "

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Most Compatible Star Signs

Finding the perfect partner is something that we all think about at some point in our life. Often we are physically attracted to someone in the beginning of a relationship but for long term relationship success there needs to be a lot more than just physical attraction for a successful union.

Understanding ourselves first is a key aspect of finding a compatible partner. Once we do this then it is a lot easier to think about the kind of partner that we're most likely to have long term success with.

In this article you will discover the most compatible star signs and give yourself a head start in your search for the perfect partner.


Pisces is one of the best matches for Aries, owing to the fact that Pisces' tends to be needy and requires someone to lean on, and the fact that Aries loves to dominate.

Aries other great match is Gemini. This is because they often have many similarities. Aries intelligence and Gemini's versatility make them very compatible star signs. Aries dominant nature is often nicely balance and kept in check by Gemini's ingenuity.


Much has been written over the ages about the compatibility of Taurus and Capricorn. They have a shared like for material things and progress which gives them a great agenda to build a happy life around. They also offset each others weaknesses, a key aspect of any successful union.

However, probably Taurus' most compatible star sign is Pisces. Taurus need to nurture and look after his/her partner can often dove-tail harmoniously with Pisces needy disposition. This is an excellent pairing.


A Gemini-Aries match all depends on their ability to dove-tail together. If the fit is right then an adventurous and exciting relationship will follow. Aries dominance and Gemini's ingenuity provide the chemistry for a passionate relationship full of adventure.

Another great match for Gemini is Gemini! Quite possibly the ultimate match some say. Both are passionate, playful, and instinctively know each other's needs and wants. Long-term compatibility is very possible.

Geminis can often find their match intellectually with Libra. They will often have shared interests that allow them to spend lots of time together. If both possess patience then this could be a winner!


A Cancer-Taurus match holds great hope, with Cancer's attention seeking nature being met by Taurus' attentive nature. Each supports the other and their strengths and weaknesses are plugged by the other. If this is coupled with patience and compromise then a very successful relationship may ensue.

Leo-Cancer makes for very interesting possibilities, with the generous, regal Leo providing all the qualities moody Cancer requires. Cancer's Moon meshes with Leo's Sun, and as long as the sometimes arrogant Leo can exist with Cancer's insecurity, a match could happen.

One of Cancer's characteristics, the need to be nurtured and protected, falls perfectly into Scorpio's strength, the need to dominate and educate. Scorpio will need to recognise and attend to Cancer's sentimentality. If that occurs, long-term success is a given.

Pisces-Cancer may be Cancer's best bet for compatibility. Both are sympathetic, almost to a fault, and both know how to massage the other's ego. Very good long-term possibility.


Good bet for a strong sexual attraction exists between Leo and Scorpio, and although both signs' strong wills creates potential fireworks, a happy union isn't out of the question, and a successful marriage a possibility.

A shared enthusiasm for adventure and discovery serves a Leo-Sagittarius union positively. Both are independently-inclined, and if both sides accept this, a very successful match is likely.


Both Virgo and Capricorn seek domesticity, and both are basically conservative and possessed of great patience. Sexual compatibility may take longer to reach, but once it is attained, long-term prospects are excellent.

A Virgo-Virgo union hinges on one or the other Virgo learning to curb their instinct for finding and hammering home their partner's faults. If the two can work out a compromise, Virgo-Virgo could create a wonderful match.


Practically a flawless combination, Libra and Gemini are like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle: oddly-shaped but in the right position, a perfect fit. Intellectually and emotionally similar, Libra-Gemini is an excellent match.

Possibly a superb match, but Leo-Libra has to guard against Libra becoming too dependent on Leo's strength. Libra's compatible signs appeal to Leo. Could be a winner.


Scorpio's inventiveness will appeal greatly to Capricorn, and the patience of Capricorn will be needed. The combination of Capricorn's organizational skills and Scorpio's shrewdness is a match. This might be the best match overall for Scorpio.

If Capricorn doesn't work out, perhaps Pisces will for Scorpio. The dependency Pisces seeks is right up Scorpio's alley, and a relationship in any form will probably work, even marriage.


Sagittarius-Gemini, in many ways, were meant for each other. Both of them being undemanding helps overcome any differences, but they need to always be alert for relapses. Otherwise, this could be the proverbial match made in Heaven.

Leo-Sagittarius has much promise since both crave adventure and new experiences. Meeting new people appeals to both signs, and one of Sagittarius' compatible signs, humor, suits Leo nicely. Thumbs up for nearly every level of relationship.


Both lovers of money and possessions, Capricorn-Taurus also share an earthiness that will benefit any possible union. Taurus is keenly attuned to Capricorn's whims, another plus. A good match, perhaps even a GREAT match.

Pisces' tendency to dream is tempered by Capricorn's practicality and stability. The key is Pisces' acceptance of each player's role. If they learn to adapt, a long-term union is very likely.


Both Aquarius and Gemini are social creatures, always looking for outside activities. These qualities present an excellent framework for a successful, loving relationship. Long-term union a given. In fact, an almost sure-fire winner.

A shared vivid imagination will be of great benefit to a possible Aquarius-Sagittarius match. Social and outgoing, both signs mesh in nearly every area. An excellent match, with marriage almost a guaranteed success.


A key Pisces compatible sign, sympathy, is also shared by Cancer. Both also share a great deal of imagination, although while Pisces' tends to focus on dreams, Cancers' is devoted to work and career. Blending the two together could provide the basis for a great long-term relationship.

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Compatible Star Signs With Taurus

To find your perfect love star sign match you should perhaps begin with the trine pairings. Trine will be someone who shares the same element as you: fire, earth, air, water, but does not have the same sign as you. Taurus is an earth sign. Earth signs are practical, stable and use common sense. The two other earth signs that will make up a trine pairing are Capricorn and Virgo.

Taurus/Virgo. This is a very good match. Venus rules you both and Virgo will go hand in hand with you in most things. The Virgo understands your independent nature and will keep you very entertained but may not know when to stop so be sure to let them know when you want some solitude. Virgos can be very uptight so you will need to relax them down, if you can share similar interests this will help the jittery Virgo.
Best match: All good but avoid Virgos born 2 to 11 Sept

Love star sign rating:Hot potato

Taurus/Capricorn. You are both earth signs and both very down to earth, traditional and some might even say old fashioned. You will fit together like a hand in a glove. Capricorn is very supportive and will be behind your every endeavour. Trust is important to you but you must give it to receive it and Capricorn will expect your trust.

Bes match: Capricorn born 1 to 9 Jan

Love star sign rating:Could be the one

The next best place to look is the sextile pairings which is when two star sign matches have compatible elements. Earth and water are sextile, this matches Taurus with Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.

Taurus/ Cancer. This is a good star sign match. Cancer can be moody due to her ruling moon but Taurus could be the calming influence to steady those mood swings. Give each other room to breathe and you could go far. Venus rules Taurus so the femininity from her matches that of Cancer and this will blend well. Sexually will be very exciting and will reach a high emotional plane too.

Best match: All are good but Cancer born 15 to 22 July may be a little harder to cope with

Love star sign rating:It's a hot one!

Taurus/Scorpio. Passion, desire and magnetism. You find it hard to resist the attraction of this Venus/Mars combination and the feelings will be reciprocated. There is a strong passion here. However there will be disagreements and Scorpios coldness could get to you. You may have to agree to disagree. Sexually you will be very athletic but you may need more emotions and affection in your love making than Scorpio is capable of giving.

Best match: Scorpio born 24 Oct to 3 Nov.

Love star sign rating:Opposites definitely attract!

Taurus/Pisces. You can learn a lot from each other with Pisces showing you the spiritual side of life along with faith and karma and you can show Pisces how to apply practicality to everyday life. Sexually you will have fun but you are not going to blow the roof off. As friends there is no doubt of your compatibility.

Best match: Pisces born 20 to 28 Feb.

Love star sign rating:could go the course

The final compatible stars signs pairing is conjunction which is when two star signs which are the same come together.

Taurus/Taurus. This is a comfortable easy going match and your gentle loving natures will appeal to each other. You will be great friends and also be surrounded by many friends as that is your nature. You like security so together may be reluctant to take any chances in life so one of you may need to take the initiative. Sexually you will respond well to each others needs

Best match: Taurus born 21 to 29 April

Love star sign rating:Lots of loving

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Scorpio Compatibility - Zodiac Sign Ruler

The individuals given birth to around October 23 and November 21 would be designated as Scorpio, the zodiac sign ruler. Now this sign is without question the one which is acknowledged as the most compelling and these persons possess a fate which allows them to fulfill any of their life desires regardless of how big that dream might be.

The Scorpios have impressive and intensive personas as well as intimate relationships. A lot of prosperity, power and passion are usually linked to these people, in addition to the perseverance and hard work to get their prize.

Typical Characteristics of a Scorpio

They have a tendency to possess sensitive personalities with a lot of concealed depths associated with shrewdness, as well as compassionateness that might oftentimes challenge other people. Both the man and woman have deep emotions and usually accept pain and inner thoughts which other signs are not able to manage. However, they can be exceptional partners and will cope with any kind of scenario associated with emotions and personal friendship.

The charismatic energy is pretty much dominant, as a result it is easy for them to draw attention or attract people with their personality and charm without having problems. A Scorpio is never afraid of anything and has a bold streak; this is probably why most of them choose the career path of doctors, surgeons or any profession where they can utilize their skills constructively.

They also have this amazing personal charm and faithfulness towards partners or friends which easily make them lovable. It is a fact, that to a greater extent these individuals are generally liked by many and hate by most.


A Scorpio is generally hard working, focused, passionate and intense, which make it easy for them to achieve whatever goals they set in life. These people generally take on large opportunities within their preferred career path and possess the inclination to turn into well-known persons.


Since these people tend to be powerful and prosperous, for this reason they usually have successful friendships. However, most of the times because they are autocratic, jealous, overbearing and aggressive this might lead to painful relationships, as well as foes.

If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio you can expect them to take it serious. These people easily spoil partners and even if they are fighting it would be easy for them to create a lasting bond. Scorpios are compatible with the zodiac signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces.

On the matter of health, the Scorpios have to pay some attention to this because could be is easy for them to experience health issues from emotional problems. It is common to find these persons with health conditions or disease, because of their stubborn nature and the tendency to work extremely long hours.

Typically, the darker facet of a Scorpio, the zodiac ruler, will be hidden and secretive for the most part. For this reason, you hardly find one that will be open and they generally love power. Some people consider them to be lovers of luxury and power, so much so that in order to get their wish, they will work extremely hard achieve goals.

These individuals do not take humiliation well, this means they will keep a grudge for a long time and even if it takes a number of years, they will eventually get their revenge.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Scorpio Qualities

Determined and forceful
Emotional and intuitive
Powerful and passionate
Exciting and magnetic
Jealous and resentful
Compulsive and obsessive
Secretive and obstinate
The color of choice for Scorpio is DARK RED TO MAROON
Your Starstone is OPALYour ruling planet is PLUTO

Famous Indian Scorpio Personalities

1.Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru(14 November)
2.Indira Gandhi-(19 November)
3.Sushmita Sen(19 November)
4.Dara Singh(19 November)
5.Rani Laxmi Bai(19 November)
6.Juhi Chawla(13 November)
7.Aishwarya Rai-(Ist November)
8.Mallika Sherawat-(24th October)


Aquarius Qualities

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual
Intractable and contrary
Perverse and unpredictable
Unemotional and detached
Your ruling planet is URANUS
The color of choice for Aquarius is TURQUOISE

Famous Indians with Aquarius Qualities

1.Jackie Sharaff(Ist February)


Sagittarius Qualities

Optimistic and freedom-loving
Jovial and good-humored
Honest and straightforward
Intellectual and philosophical
Blindly optimistic and careless
Irresponsible and superficial
Tactless and restless

Famous Indians with Sagittarius Signs

1.Mr I.K Gujral(4th December)
2.Duleep Kumar(11th Dec)
3.Rajnikant(12th Dec)
4.Vishavnath Anand(12th Dec)


Libra Qualities

1.Diplomaitic and urbane
2.Romantic and charming
3.Easygoing and sociable
4.Idealistic and peaceable
5.Indecisive and changeable
6.Gullible and easily infuenced
7.Flirtatious and self-indulgent
8.Your ruling planet is VENUS
9.The color of choice for Libra is Blue

Famous Indian with Libra Signs

1.Amitabh Bacchan(11th October)

2.Vinod Khanna

3.Hema Malini

4.Dev Anand(26th Sept)


Cancerian Qualities
1.Emotional and loving
2.Intuitive and imaginative
3.Shrewd and cautious
4.Protective and sympathetic
5.Changeable and moody
6.Overemotional and touchy
7.Clinging and unable to let go
8.Your ruling planet is the MOON
9.The color for Cancer is all the shining colors of the moon SILVER

Famous Indians with Cancerian Signs

-Saurav Ganguly
-Sunil Gavaskar(12th July)


1.Adaptable and versatile
2.Communicative and witty
3.Intellectual and eloquent
4.Youthful and lively
5.Nervous and tense
6.Superficial and inconsistent
7.Cunning and inquisitive
8.Cunning and inquisitive
9.The color of choice for Mercury in Gemini is GREEN


Aries Qualities
1.Adventurous and energetic
2.Pioneering and courageous
3.Enthusiastic and confident
4.Dynamic and quick-witted
5.Selfish and quick-tempered
6.Impulsive and impatient
7.Foolhardy and daredevil
8.Your ruling planet is MARS
9.The color of choice for Aries is RED


pieces qualities

1.Imaginative and sensitive
2.Compassionate and kind
3.Selfless and unworldly
4.Intuitive and sympathetic
5.Escapist and idealistic
6.Secretive and vague
7.Weak-willed and easily led
8.Your ruling planet is NEPTUNE
9.The color of choice for Pisces is Soft Seagreen

Famous Indians with Pieces Signs

1.Aamir Khan(4th March)
2.Anupam Kher(9th March)


leo qualities
1.Generous and warmhearted
2.Creative and enthusiastic
3.Broad-minded and expansive
4.Faithful and loving
5.Pompous and patronizing
6.Bossy and interfering
7.Dogmatic and intolerant
8.Your ruling planet is the SUN
9.The color of choice for Leo is GOLD
10.Your starstone is the rich red RUBY

Famous Indians with leo Signs

1.Rajiv Gandhi(20 August)

2.Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma

3.A.K Hungal(15th Aug)

4.Sanjay Dutt(29th July)

5.J.R.D Tata(29th July)


Capricorn Qualities

1.Practical and prudent
2.Ambitious and disciplined
3.Patient and careful
4.Humorous and reserved
5.Pessimistic and fatalistic
6.Miserly and grudging
7.Your ruling planet is SATURN
8.The color of choice for Capricorn is BROWN and most dark colors

Famous Indians with Capricorn Signs

1.Kapil Dev(6th january)

2.Swami Vivekanand(8th january)

3.Hritik Roshan

4.Javed Jaffrey

5.Vinod Kambli


7.Anil Kapoor

8.Rajesh Khanna(29th Dec)

9.Sayyed Kirmani(29th Dec)


1.Modest and shy
2.Meticulous and reliable
3.Practical and diligent
4.Intelligent and analytical
5.Fussy and a worrier
6.Overcritical and harsh
7.Perfectionist and conservative
8.Your ruling planet is MERCURY
9.The colors for Virgo are GREEN AND DARK BROWN

Famous Indians with Virgo Signs

1.Dr Radhakrishnan(5th Sept)
2.Vinoba Bhawe(11th Sept)
3.Mother Teresa(26 August)


Taurus Qualities
1.Patient and reliable
2.warm hearted and loving
3.Persistent and determined
4.Placid and security loving
5.The color of choice for Taurus is PINK
6.Your Starstone is the EMERALD
7.Your ruling planet is VENUS

Famous Indians with Taurus Signs

1.Ravinder Nath Tagore(8 May)
2.Madhuri Dixit(16 May)
3.P.T Usha(18 May)
4.Sachin Tendulkar(24th April)

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Different Sun Sign

Various Sun Signs are:-