Thursday, February 24, 2011

Most Compatible Star Signs

Finding the perfect partner is something that we all think about at some point in our life. Often we are physically attracted to someone in the beginning of a relationship but for long term relationship success there needs to be a lot more than just physical attraction for a successful union.

Understanding ourselves first is a key aspect of finding a compatible partner. Once we do this then it is a lot easier to think about the kind of partner that we're most likely to have long term success with.

In this article you will discover the most compatible star signs and give yourself a head start in your search for the perfect partner.


Pisces is one of the best matches for Aries, owing to the fact that Pisces' tends to be needy and requires someone to lean on, and the fact that Aries loves to dominate.

Aries other great match is Gemini. This is because they often have many similarities. Aries intelligence and Gemini's versatility make them very compatible star signs. Aries dominant nature is often nicely balance and kept in check by Gemini's ingenuity.


Much has been written over the ages about the compatibility of Taurus and Capricorn. They have a shared like for material things and progress which gives them a great agenda to build a happy life around. They also offset each others weaknesses, a key aspect of any successful union.

However, probably Taurus' most compatible star sign is Pisces. Taurus need to nurture and look after his/her partner can often dove-tail harmoniously with Pisces needy disposition. This is an excellent pairing.


A Gemini-Aries match all depends on their ability to dove-tail together. If the fit is right then an adventurous and exciting relationship will follow. Aries dominance and Gemini's ingenuity provide the chemistry for a passionate relationship full of adventure.

Another great match for Gemini is Gemini! Quite possibly the ultimate match some say. Both are passionate, playful, and instinctively know each other's needs and wants. Long-term compatibility is very possible.

Geminis can often find their match intellectually with Libra. They will often have shared interests that allow them to spend lots of time together. If both possess patience then this could be a winner!


A Cancer-Taurus match holds great hope, with Cancer's attention seeking nature being met by Taurus' attentive nature. Each supports the other and their strengths and weaknesses are plugged by the other. If this is coupled with patience and compromise then a very successful relationship may ensue.

Leo-Cancer makes for very interesting possibilities, with the generous, regal Leo providing all the qualities moody Cancer requires. Cancer's Moon meshes with Leo's Sun, and as long as the sometimes arrogant Leo can exist with Cancer's insecurity, a match could happen.

One of Cancer's characteristics, the need to be nurtured and protected, falls perfectly into Scorpio's strength, the need to dominate and educate. Scorpio will need to recognise and attend to Cancer's sentimentality. If that occurs, long-term success is a given.

Pisces-Cancer may be Cancer's best bet for compatibility. Both are sympathetic, almost to a fault, and both know how to massage the other's ego. Very good long-term possibility.


Good bet for a strong sexual attraction exists between Leo and Scorpio, and although both signs' strong wills creates potential fireworks, a happy union isn't out of the question, and a successful marriage a possibility.

A shared enthusiasm for adventure and discovery serves a Leo-Sagittarius union positively. Both are independently-inclined, and if both sides accept this, a very successful match is likely.


Both Virgo and Capricorn seek domesticity, and both are basically conservative and possessed of great patience. Sexual compatibility may take longer to reach, but once it is attained, long-term prospects are excellent.

A Virgo-Virgo union hinges on one or the other Virgo learning to curb their instinct for finding and hammering home their partner's faults. If the two can work out a compromise, Virgo-Virgo could create a wonderful match.


Practically a flawless combination, Libra and Gemini are like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle: oddly-shaped but in the right position, a perfect fit. Intellectually and emotionally similar, Libra-Gemini is an excellent match.

Possibly a superb match, but Leo-Libra has to guard against Libra becoming too dependent on Leo's strength. Libra's compatible signs appeal to Leo. Could be a winner.


Scorpio's inventiveness will appeal greatly to Capricorn, and the patience of Capricorn will be needed. The combination of Capricorn's organizational skills and Scorpio's shrewdness is a match. This might be the best match overall for Scorpio.

If Capricorn doesn't work out, perhaps Pisces will for Scorpio. The dependency Pisces seeks is right up Scorpio's alley, and a relationship in any form will probably work, even marriage.


Sagittarius-Gemini, in many ways, were meant for each other. Both of them being undemanding helps overcome any differences, but they need to always be alert for relapses. Otherwise, this could be the proverbial match made in Heaven.

Leo-Sagittarius has much promise since both crave adventure and new experiences. Meeting new people appeals to both signs, and one of Sagittarius' compatible signs, humor, suits Leo nicely. Thumbs up for nearly every level of relationship.


Both lovers of money and possessions, Capricorn-Taurus also share an earthiness that will benefit any possible union. Taurus is keenly attuned to Capricorn's whims, another plus. A good match, perhaps even a GREAT match.

Pisces' tendency to dream is tempered by Capricorn's practicality and stability. The key is Pisces' acceptance of each player's role. If they learn to adapt, a long-term union is very likely.


Both Aquarius and Gemini are social creatures, always looking for outside activities. These qualities present an excellent framework for a successful, loving relationship. Long-term union a given. In fact, an almost sure-fire winner.

A shared vivid imagination will be of great benefit to a possible Aquarius-Sagittarius match. Social and outgoing, both signs mesh in nearly every area. An excellent match, with marriage almost a guaranteed success.


A key Pisces compatible sign, sympathy, is also shared by Cancer. Both also share a great deal of imagination, although while Pisces' tends to focus on dreams, Cancers' is devoted to work and career. Blending the two together could provide the basis for a great long-term relationship.

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