Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scorpio Compatibility - Zodiac Sign Ruler

The individuals given birth to around October 23 and November 21 would be designated as Scorpio, the zodiac sign ruler. Now this sign is without question the one which is acknowledged as the most compelling and these persons possess a fate which allows them to fulfill any of their life desires regardless of how big that dream might be.

The Scorpios have impressive and intensive personas as well as intimate relationships. A lot of prosperity, power and passion are usually linked to these people, in addition to the perseverance and hard work to get their prize.

Typical Characteristics of a Scorpio

They have a tendency to possess sensitive personalities with a lot of concealed depths associated with shrewdness, as well as compassionateness that might oftentimes challenge other people. Both the man and woman have deep emotions and usually accept pain and inner thoughts which other signs are not able to manage. However, they can be exceptional partners and will cope with any kind of scenario associated with emotions and personal friendship.

The charismatic energy is pretty much dominant, as a result it is easy for them to draw attention or attract people with their personality and charm without having problems. A Scorpio is never afraid of anything and has a bold streak; this is probably why most of them choose the career path of doctors, surgeons or any profession where they can utilize their skills constructively.

They also have this amazing personal charm and faithfulness towards partners or friends which easily make them lovable. It is a fact, that to a greater extent these individuals are generally liked by many and hate by most.


A Scorpio is generally hard working, focused, passionate and intense, which make it easy for them to achieve whatever goals they set in life. These people generally take on large opportunities within their preferred career path and possess the inclination to turn into well-known persons.


Since these people tend to be powerful and prosperous, for this reason they usually have successful friendships. However, most of the times because they are autocratic, jealous, overbearing and aggressive this might lead to painful relationships, as well as foes.

If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio you can expect them to take it serious. These people easily spoil partners and even if they are fighting it would be easy for them to create a lasting bond. Scorpios are compatible with the zodiac signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces.

On the matter of health, the Scorpios have to pay some attention to this because could be is easy for them to experience health issues from emotional problems. It is common to find these persons with health conditions or disease, because of their stubborn nature and the tendency to work extremely long hours.

Typically, the darker facet of a Scorpio, the zodiac ruler, will be hidden and secretive for the most part. For this reason, you hardly find one that will be open and they generally love power. Some people consider them to be lovers of luxury and power, so much so that in order to get their wish, they will work extremely hard achieve goals.

These individuals do not take humiliation well, this means they will keep a grudge for a long time and even if it takes a number of years, they will eventually get their revenge.

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